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Revelation and the End of the World

In this 258 page commentary on Revelation, Reg Dunlap explains in layman's language what the book is all about. After having studied Revelation seriously for a number of years, the author sets forth what he believes this book teaches will take place in the future. Through thorough research and comprehensive outlining, the book has been homiletically arranged, scholarly presented . . . More


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Dr. Dunlap is one of the most popular contributors of sermons on the Internet. For the many busy Pastors who desire excellent expositional, analytical, alliterated, word for word sermons, an Expository Preaching Program subscription is for you. These Biblically-based sermons will greatly enhance your preaching and teaching ministry. Please be sure to check out the free samples.

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“Dr. Dunlap I downloaded my first sermon...this is great...I am bringing a word to one of the congregations in Leary, Georgia on next Sunday. Their entire theme is on being like Jesus and I am pretty much finished with what God has given me to feed His sheep and basically what God gave me is along the same lines of what He gave you, yet there are bits and pieces of yours that will make mine a bit more effective...(smile)...and for that I say thank you...thank you for sharing and letting God use you to perfect the saints...keep me in your prayers for next Sunday as I speak to God's people, and know that the site Sermon Seeker will be greatly visited by me (smile)...Miracles and Blessings,

Minister Sandie C. Driskell

Oh and I haven't downloaded the other 4, I am going to wait for the right time and the next time God uses me...again thank you so very much.”


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