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PREACHING MINISTERS of the WORD April 10, 2018
Preaching ministers are those who consciously and unshakably believe that they are God-called and God-sent. They have a compelling conviction that a higher Hand other than their own put them in the ministry. They are convinced that the ministry of Jesus Christ is the world's greatest and highest calling.

But such preaching ministers must preach with spiritual conviction and spiritual authority. They are not peddlers of their own ideas, but proclaimers of the truth as it is revealed in Jesus Christ. They are convinced that God appeared in history in the life, death and resurrection of Christ. This, and nothing less than this, is what a New Testament preacher should be. In their preaching they are authoritative witnesses that through Christ man's sin can be forgiven and man's character can be regenerated.

And the task of such a preaching minister is to bring every human soul to surrender and faith in Christ for salvation of souls. To this end I have endeavored to make each one of these expository sermons thrillingly relevant to life in the 21st century. These sermons are Christ-centered and Christ-exalting. The minister who is wise will develop these sermons and use them with the divine aim of lifting up the Christ of Calvary. We await your response!
As we approach the greatest season in the Christian calendar, the evangelical minister must be at their best in preaching. The following dynamic expository sermons will be very helpful as you prepare your sermons for the Easter season. Please check them out under the subject - Holiday Sermons. Here are a few of them.

The Demanding Christ
Defects In Your Discipleship
Dying in Order To Live
Testing Your Discipleship
The Determined Christ
Living For Christ by Fractions
Discipleship Does Have Its Demands

The Critical Struggle Within Christ's Soul
A Donkey With A Mission
The Submission of the Savior

The Cry of the Conquering Christ
The Saving Sacrifice
The Christ of the Scourged Face
And Don't Forget Joseph
Deliverance For the Desperate
The Greatest Glory of All

The Message That Changed The World
The Great Easter Discovery
Let's Look At The Resurrection
When Life Falls Apart - Then What?
Put On Your Easter Garment
The Excitement of That First Easter
The Hope That Causes Us To Sing
The Face of the Eternal God
The Reality of the Resurrection
God's Eternal Victories Over Man's Evil Tragedies

This is a wonderful time to join the SermonSeeker family. More dynamic expository sermons are being added each month. We thank each one of you for your continued support.

Dr. Reg Dunlap
In recent days we have seen the overpouring presence of the Holy Spirit upon our ministry in a special way. God's power in transforming lives in local church revivals has been an exciting thing to behold. At almost every service the altar has been filled with people who have responded to the dynamic preaching of God's Word.

These revival services have brought new vitality to these churches with many members being transformed into growing radiant Christians. For this we give God all of the glory. I believe your church can be blessed and helped by such a ministry. What happened in other churches can happen in your church.

If interested in such a revival ministry, please contact me at my offices both in Maine and Florida at 207-439-0218. You may e-mail me at

In His Faithfulness,
Dr. Reg Dunlap
With the coming of Christmas here are eleven dynamic expository Christmas sermons for Pastors to use each Sunday leading up to Christmas Sunday. I believe these special Christmas manuscript sermons will be a special blessing to your people. Why not let Sermonseeker be helpful to you as you prepare your preaching program for the New Year?

What Should We See in Christmas?
This Child of Destiny
The Searching of the Shepherds
Born to Be King
Don't Miss The Christmas Star
The Story of Two Searches
The Brightness of Christmas
Giving Thanks at Christmas
The God Who Came Near
The Greatest Christmas Discovery
Mary's Magnificent Devotion

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