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If you are interested in having Dr. Dunlap come to your church, town or city for an evangelistic crusade, Bible conference, evangelism or prayer seminar, please call his Crusade Office at 207-439-0218 or write to us.

We are always grateful for those comments made about the ministry and messages of Dr. Reg Dunlap. We praise God for all that has been accomplished and we give Him all of the glory.

  • “So good to reconnect with you and Ellie. I remember you with such thanksgiving for the orthodox discipleship that has remained to this day and been passed on to others and the love that our children experienced in your church. Both the boys you dedicated were saved as young men...You taught me so much and I thank God for you Reg. I love you and Ellie.

    Jeanine Fogler
    Melbourne, FL”

  • “Brother Reg Dunlap came to Moravia, New York the week of October 19, 1975. I was saved on October 23rd. It was, and is, the best day of my life. My son, David went forward on October 26th to be saved. I really appreciated that the Lord led Reg to come to our little town of Moravia. I would like to order his 3 books, Christ and His Glorifier, the Holy Spirit, The Next Invasion from Outer Space, and Revelation and the End of the World.

    Love in Christ,
    Deanna Cameron”

  • “Reg,

    Your website is fabulous. What a great way to spread the good news!!!

    Kevin McKenna”

  • “I am the pastor of Viola 1st Baptist Church in Viola, AR. You were recommended to me by a friend, Dr. Ron Bigalke. Do you have October 7-10 or 14-17 of 2007 open? Do you come for love offerings or a set amount?

    God Bless,
    Steve Spurlin”

  • “Dr. Dunlap I downloaded my first sermon...this is great...I am bringing a word to one of the congregations in Leary, Georgia on next Sunday. Their entire theme is on being like Jesus and I am pretty much finished with what God has given me to feed His sheep and basically what God gave me is along the same lines of what He gave you, yet there are bits and pieces of yours that will make mine a bit more effective...(smile)...and for that I say thank you...thank you for sharing and letting God use you to perfect the saints...keep me in your prayers for next Sunday as I speak to God's people, and know that the site Sermon Seeker will be greatly visited by me (smile)...Miracles and Blessings,

    Minister Sandie C. Driskell

    Oh and I haven't downloaded the other 4, I am going to wait for the right time and the next time God uses me...again thank you so very much.”

  • “Thanks for your good work, well done. I love your website and the good message, I pray that the God Almighty should continue to bless you in Jesus Name Amen. Please I will like to have some of your message directly to my box through my e-mail address as shown.


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