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  • Revelation and the End of the World

    In this 258 page commentary on Revelation, Reg Dunlap explains in layman's language what the book is all about. After having studied Revelation seriously for a number of years, the author sets forth what he believes this book teaches will take place in the future. Through thorough research and comprehensive outlining, the book has been homiletically arranged, scholarly presented and devotionally applicable so it can be used by Pastors, Sunday School teachers, Christian workers and laymen for home Bible study on prophecy. This book is a must for every Christian who wants to know more of what God has planned for believers in the future.


  • The Next Invasion from Outer Space

    There is during these days a great interest in prophecy and what is going to happen at the end of the world. The Bible sets forth clear and unmistakable prophetic events which are to take place in the future. In this book Mr. Dunlap sets forth a panorama of future events that will take place at the return of Christ. Can be used by pastors and Christian workers in an eight week in-depth study of last day events.


  • Christ and His Glorifier - The Holy Spirit

    In this book of eighteen chapters Reg Dunlap presents a profound study into the person, life, ministry, and mission of both Christ and the Holy Spirit. Each chapter is the author at his best as he discusses the transforming and revolutionary ministry of Christ and His glorifier - the Holy Spirit. The book is packed full of material for Biblical preaching.


  • Sound Doctrine May Be Harmful to Your Religious Experience

    We live in a day when there is a popular form of Christianity that lacks spiritual power because of a real neglect of Biblical truth. Christians must constantly guard against the danger of replacing Scriptural teaching with an emotional experience. We need once again to get back to the unchanging truths about God, Christ, Holy Spirit, man, and many other doctrines. This book has been written by Mr. Dunlap to help pastors, Sunday School teachers, Christian workers and Bible students how to effectively teach these great doctrines.


  • Truth About the Trinity

    Does the Bible teach a Trinity? That's the question Reg Dunlap answers in this booklet about the Christian's Trinitarian view of God. He examines in understandable language the Meaning, Mystery, Manifestation, Members and Ministry of the Holy Trinity. An excellent booklet to have in your hands when dealing with people who deny this biblical truth. This booklet is great for the Pastor who desires to preach a series of sermons on the Trinity or for an in-depth study in a Sunday School class.


  • Prayer - A Revolutionary Weapon

    This booklet is designed to help the believer in Christ grow in the life of prayer. It is an excellent resource for Pastors and Sunday School teachers who desire to teach the believer that there is a Christian way to pray. Dr. Dunlap takes the reader through the meaning, making, man, manner, movement, mandate, maintenance, ministry and might of prayer. It is a compelling portrait of the Christian's journey into prayer.


  • With Christ in Your Sorrow

    In this attractive little booklet Dr. Dunlap guides the bereaved person through the sorrow of death. This is a must read book for anyone facing death or who has lost a loved one. The author deals with the comfort, cause, character, constitution, challenge and conquest of death. Pastors looking for a valuable tool to give to bereaving people need look no further.


  • With Christ in Your Suffering

    Throughout Dr. Dunlap's ministry as a pastor, evangelist, and Bible conference speaker, he has greatly desired to put into print booklets to be used for those suffering from disease and those facing death. That deep longing was realized when he wrote two companion booklets - With Christ In Your Suffering and With Christ In Your Sorrow. These little booklets are now being used by hospitals, physicians and pastors across the country. Great for pastoral visitation.


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