From the Mailbox

If you are interested in having Dr. Dunlap come to your church, town or city for an evangelistic crusade, Bible conference, evangelism or prayer seminar, please call his Crusade Office at 207-439-0218 or write to us.

We are always grateful for those comments made about the ministry and messages of Dr. Reg Dunlap. We praise God for all that has been accomplished and we give Him all of the glory.

  • “Brother Reg,

    Warm greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. This is to let you know that Bethesaida Ministries of Rwanda, is very happy and blessed with your web site containing so powerful and restoring information. Therefore, we would like to send you this invitation message to come to Rwanda. Our people need powerful, restoring and transforming messages. They're truly thirsty and want to change the sad history of Rwanda to a hopeful Rwanda. You are please welcome, welcome, warmly welcome.

    Christian greetings,
    Pastor Salomon
    Kigali, Rwanda”

  • “I joined the 5 sermons for $15.00. I would like to purchase a copy of the CD that you mentioned. I really admire the quality of your sermons.

    Pastor Shannon McDonald”

  • “I have just visited your website and was much blessed by your ministry and labor for the Lord. For years we have been praying for the Kingdom of Christ to take hold of this region that is so dominated by Islam...We would like to invite you to visit Pakistan and hold Gospel crusades and Leadership Conferences.”

    Pastor Muqaddam Zia
    Pakistan Outreach Ministries, Faisalabad, Pakistan

  • “Would you send me a tape catalogue of Dr. Reg Dunlap's sermons. I do enjoy his sermons. Let me know where I can buy his tapes. Thank you.”

    Rev. Kenneth Winningham
    Jonesboro, Arkansas

  • “I'm a young Pastor from a very poor country in Romania. I don't have any money to buy your sermons which I like very much. I wish to have your sermons for me and my church.”

    Pastor Boruga Florin

  • “I very much enjoy your sermons. I am currently a subscriber to SermonSearch where I have found some of your sermon material. I was glad today when I found your web page - The Pastor's Pulpit. The sample sermons were very good. I would like to have others."”

    Bobby Waggoner, Director
    Attala Baptist Association, Mississippi

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. Our goal is to help you and your church become all that God would have you be.