From the Mailbox

If you are interested in having Dr. Dunlap come to your church, town or city for an evangelistic crusade, Bible conference, evangelism or prayer seminar, please call his Crusade Office at 207-439-0218 or write to us.

We are always grateful for those comments made about the ministry and messages of Dr. Reg Dunlap. We praise God for all that has been accomplished and we give Him all of the glory.

  • “Because of your valuable aim to spread the Gospel, it is my high privilege to invite you to hold a crusade in Pakistan. We have placed this request before the throne of God and pray that His Holy Spirit will bring you to Pakistan to win many souls.”

    Rev. James Dean
    Christian University, Administrator, Pakistan

  • “From the first service Reg conducted in our church, God's presence and power were manifested. A total of 124 people sought spiritual help at the altar. Of these, 34 decisions for salvation. His ministry of salvation and deeper life dedication has stimulated new spiritual vitality within our church.”

    Rev. Charles Weidemann
    The Christian & Missionary Alliance Church, York, PA

  • “Reg came to us last October unknown, but left our city known and appreciated. His manners, his messages and his methods were approved by all who heard and saw him. The Word given by him penetrated the hearts of our people and the attendance on Sunday was the highest since I have been here.”

    Rev. Walter Dingfield
    Calvary Baptist Church, Fargo, MD

  • “I am happy with the results of your meetings with us. We are still hearing of decisions which were made during the crusade. The Deacon Board is very happy that you will be able to be with us again next year. I had 13 believers in my class last Sunday as a result of the crusade.”

    Rev. Aaron F. Jaeger
    Evangelical Free Church, Crystal Lake, IL

  • “We feel constrained to express our appreciation for the ministry of Reg Dunlap. Our people deeply appreciated his sincerity and the quality of his message. We thank God for those who made decisions for Christ. I do not believe that I have enjoyed an evangelistic effort more than this in recent years. We have invited him back again for another crusade.”

    Rev. John G. Snapp
    First Baptist Church, Durango, CO

  • “Our church deeply appreciated the ministry of Reg Dunlap. We believe that it was one of the best crusades ever conducted in our church. His messages were presented in a straight-forward dynamic way. We praise God for the many who responded to the invitation of the Gospel. We trust to have him back with us to share in another meeting.”

    Rev. Donald G. Jones
    McCoy Memorial Baptist Church, Elkhart, IN

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